Welcome to WinterSilks®

Some 30+ years ago the original founder of WinterSilks, having grown weary of waiting for his frozen limbs to thaw after his sub-zero trek to and from work, discovered silk long underwear. Much to his astonishment they kept him wonderfully warm and pleasantly dry indoors and out.

WinterSilks was born of this experience. Expanding from silk long johns into lingerie, men’s and women’s fashions, sleepwear, accessories and more, WinterSilks now is the largest and most successful merchant of filament silk in the United States.

By following current design trends and listening carefully to customer suggestions, we frequently update our offerings with new styles and fabrications to enhance customers’ lifestyles. In addition to serving all 50 states, WinterSilks is excited to provide service to Canada and globally through our catalog and website. Our devotion to our customers has remained steadfast for more than 3 decades, and we look forward to continuing our role as silk experts and innovators for many more to come.